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Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in Geneva held a briefing "Aleppo: a city without terror. New life, new hope"

The briefing was attended by the representatives of the public, non-governmental organizations, independent journalists and local residents who were in Aleppo at the time of its release.

The main efforts of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides focused on securing the resumption of civilian life and assistance to the local population in the areas of Aleppo and its suburbs.

Since 2016 the Centre for reconciliation has revealed 6245 militants in Aleppo, 3,322 of them were amnestied.

The Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides conducted 752 humanitarian actions, more than 850 tons of food products were delivered as a humanitarian aid. The work for providing poor families with hot meals and food packages is continuing.

Nowadays medical assistance has been provided to more than 30,000 civilians, including about 19,000 children. The special medical detachment consists of military servicemen of different professions and they have experience of medical assistance during the hostilities.

Hospitals of Aleppo are provided with over 16 tons of scarce medicines from the Russian side.

With the help of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides 69,000 people returned to their homes, 40,000 of them are children

In the liberated areas of Aleppo from terrorists, the vast majority of buildings and main roads were demined.

More than 200 servicemen and 47 pieces of the military and special hardware of the International Mine Action Centre involved in humanitarian mine clearance of the Eastern Aleppo.

Russian sappers demined more than 200 important infrastructure of Aleppo, 3210 buildings, 709 kilometers of roads, more than 26,000 explosive objects.

Thanks to the work of the special medical detachment of the Eastern military district in Aleppo which managed to prevent outbreaks of the disease, to ensure the timely provision of necessary medical assistance to all in need.

During the work of the special medical detachment from December 2016 to April 2017 medical units made 78 visits to the refugee camps, provided with medical assistance 12840 civilians.

They conducted 742 surgical operations, 492 of them are sophisticated surgical operations. Civilians received more than 25 tons of medicines and medical equipment.

In total during the operation in Aleppo Russian military physicians provided medical assistance to 3 895 children with mine-explosive wounds, burns, colds and other diseases.

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