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In the course of the last 24 hours, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in Syria have continued performing strikes against infrastructure facilities of ISIS terrorist organization

In the course of the last 24 hours, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in Syria have continued performing strikes against infrastructure facilities of ISIS terrorist organization.

The Russian bombers carried out 39 combat sorties and performed 60 strikes on 51 objects in Hama, Latakia, Damascus and Aleppo provinces from the Hmeymim airbase.

The strikes of the Russian aviation resulted in elimination of the following targets:

  • 4 command centres of illegal armed groups;
  • 6 ammunition and armament depots;
  • a mortar battery;
  • 2 underground bunkers;
  • 32 field camps of terrorists;
  • 6 strong points of militants.

 Near Salma, Latakia province, Su-24M performed strike with concrete-piercing bombs against the ISIS ammunition storage hidden in mountainous area. The detonation caused complete destruction of the target. 

At the suburbs of Talbiseh, Homs province, Su-34 bombers destroyed ISIS underground fortification installations.

This target used to have a connecting tunnel, which provided an opportunity to the militants for appearing in different regions of the city and for conducting a maneuvering defence against the Syrian Armed Forces.

There was a real armory full of ammunition and self-made explosives in one of the bunkers. The weapons were supposed to be used for terrorist attacks and sabotages.

Moreover, there used to be a mini workshop manufacturing self-made unguided rocket-propelled projectiles.

It is to be noted that such tunnel networks are in many regions of Syrian Arab Republic, which are still under terrorists’ control. 

During the air reconnaissance near the Eastern Guta, Damascus province, the advanced supply point of the armed groups was detected. Terrorists used it for being supplied with ammunition, products and fuel.

After the reconnaissance check, Su-25 destroyed the target as well as four armored vehicles. 

At the suburbs of northwestern Kafr Zita, Hama province, Su-24 bombers performed an airstrike against a command centre of one of the Jaysh Al-Fateh terrorist organization units.

The strike disrupted control of the Jaysh Al-Fateh units located in the region. The terrorists have left the combat area after the strike.  

According to the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, militants of the terrorist organizations continue retreating in mass level in the East and North-East of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In Idlib and Hama provinces, field commanders of Jabhah An-Nushrah carry out a forced mobilization threatening lives of the civilians’ families.

In Raqqah province ISIS terrorists are carrying out total mobilization of 14-year and older men.

The contradictions over money flows and under-control territories between different terrorist organizations are increasing. According to radio talks interception, last week, near Idlib, the ISIS performed three attacks using car bombs against field commanders of the Jabhah An-Nushrah terrorist organization.

The ISIS leaders ordered the field commanders to intensify usage of car bombs and other self-made explosives at the main highways and in inhabited areas against the attacking Syrian Armed Forces.

All the aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic have come back to the Hmeymim airbase after performing combat tasks. 

Destruction of underground bunker of terrorists hidden in Hama province. 

Pinpoint strike with KAB-500 guided bomb against terrorists’ strong point equipped with artillery positions located in Latakia province. 

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