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14.10.2015 (21:08) Russian and US military experts held a videoconference on flight safety in Syria The discussion discussions were held in a constructive and business atmosphere as well as the previous ones.
14.10.2015 (17:43) Russian aircraft performed 41 combat sorties engaging 40 facilities of the ISIS infrastructure in Syria 13 kilometers far from Aleppo, the aviation hit repair and maintenance stations, where the militants restored armored combat vehicles and installed mortars, large-caliber machine guns and ZU-23 AA systems on off-road vehicles.
13.10.2015 (22:07) Draft document on flight safety in Syria was sent to the American party This has become possible thanks to the agreement achieved in the course of the video conference, which took place on October 10 between representatives of Russia and the USA.
13.10.2015 (20:45) Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov discussed the activities of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria with the UN representative In the course of the meeting, the parties showed readiness for meaningful interaction and coordination of efforts in countering the terrorist threat in the region.
13.10.2015 (14:50) During 24 hours, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic have increased the intensiveness of engagement of command centres, materiel concentration and storage areas of the ISIS terrorists Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM aircraft performed 88 combat sorties engaging 86 ISIS facilities located in the Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo provinces.
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