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16.02.2016 (18:47) On February 10-16, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic performed 444 combat sorties engaging 1593 terrorists’ objects In the course of the last day, the government troops and forces of the patriotic opposition have liberated more than 100 square kilometers.
11.02.2016 (11:10) In the course of the last week aircraft of the Russian aviation group in Syria have performed 510 combat sorties engaging 1,888 terrorists’ objects Terrorists are suffering significant losses caused by aviation strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces.
01.02.2016 (18:18) In the course of the last week, the Russian aircraft in Syria have performed 468 combat sorties engaging 1354 terrorists’ infrastructural facilities It is to be emphasized that all the strikes of the Russian aviation were carried out only against the targets, which had been surveyed and confirmed beforehand.
29.01.2016 (14:15) Representatives of the Russian and American military departments held a videoconference aimed at prevention of air incidents in Syria They discussed the improvement of effectiveness of cooperation within the Memorandum on Flight Safety for the period of operations in Syria dated October 20, 2015.
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